Your Guide to Moving In Less Than One Week

Moving can be a stressful task for all involved. 47% of recent movers have reported that the experience produced increased levels of stress and anxiety. If you are planning an upcoming move, there are measures you can take to mitigate stress of all kinds.

For starters, provide yourself and your team with a checklist of tasks. The transfer of utilities, the hiring of movers, the tasks will begin to add up no matter the urgency. The checklist will aid you in organizing your tasks based on importance. Additionally, it’s advised to reach out to the moving company you plan on utilizing regarding a moving timeline guide you can refer to.

Another useful tip is to take inventory of your belongings as you go room by room packing up. Any unwanted items should be discarded or donated to create space and declutter. Also, pack any delicate items such as glass in a safe location so they do not break in transit.


If you want to read more on how you can make sure your next move is stress free, check out the accompanying guide provided by Best of Utah Moving.

Infographic provided by Best of Utah Moving, a moving company specializing in office relocation services

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