DIY Projects Homeowners Should Call in the Pros For

Maintaining and updating a homestead can be a tall task. Whether it’s flooring replacement or installing in new cabinets, the tasks can be overwhelming. Sometimes these jobs can be done by the homeowner themselves, but sometimes outside help is required.

56% of homeowners tackled a DIY project to save money, while 20% claimed they did it to challenge themselves. Whatever your reason, things have the potential to go wrong in an instant, which can lead to expected costs and unwanted or accidental damage to your home.

First, replacing a faucet is a project that homeowners often feel they can do themselves. Installing a new sink fixture might appear to be a simple job, but it’s more complicated than you think. In turn, homeowners often discover larger issues such as water damage and disintegrated valves after getting under the sink. Once these problems stack up, call a plumber.

Drywall patching is another project homeowners attempt themselves. If you are not an experienced carpenter, this isn’t a task to be taken lightly. To perform a professional patch job, the job uses two to three coats, which should be spread out by a day to allow for adequate drying, followed by a sanding for a smooth surface.


Finally, homeowners underestimate the time and effort it takes to install a new exhaust fan. Exhaust fans need to be installed with durable metal housing and adequate ventilation. If done incorrectly, it could leave you with drywall damage and condensation accumulation.

To learn more about household projects to call in the pros for, please see the provided guide, created by Fix St Louis.

Guide created by Fix St Louis, specialists in window and door replacement

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