8 Warning Signs That You’re In Need Of A Water Main Replacement In Lehi Utah!

It’s always a stressful situation when a home requires extensive plumbing repairs, and issues with main water lines are extremely scary due to the general likelihood of incurring contaminated water.

The water main replacement lehi utah experts at Beehive Plumbing have supported this article by providing us with some of the common warning signs that they see on the job at homes and businesses across northern Utah, so they know a thing or two about recognizing when it’s time for a property to invest in a new main water line.

Below are some of the warning signs that home and business owners in Lehi Utah should be on the lookout for when they think they might require a water main replacement!

Persistent Plumbing Clogs

When a water line is severely damaged, it’ll often lead to clogged-up plumbing systems. These types of clogs can be created by all sorts of debris, as well as aging pipes, and tree root infiltration.

Although clogs are typically just a common plumbing repair that property owners have to deal with from time to time, there are certain scenarios in which they insinuate a much bigger need for a new water line.

Tree Root Infiltration

A lot of people don’t realize this, but tree root infiltration is a very common issue that can detrimentally impact a property’s water line. The trees throughout your property are always going to be searching for underground water, and this naturally can lead them toward your water lines.

It’s wild how tree roots can squeeze their way through even the tiniest of piping connections and joints, and when they do get into your water line, they can permanently damage it to the point of needing a new one.

Sudden Water Pressure Drops

Damaged main water lines will typically create water pressure issues in properties, and this can slowly but surely get worse with time.

So, if you’re noticing any sudden drops in your home’s water pressure, it could be a warning sign that something is wrong with your main water line.

Water Contamination

When your main water line experiences any leaks or breaks, it’ll ultimately allow dirt and all sorts of debris into your property’s drinking water. That’s why it’s always so important to pay very close attention to your drinking water quality, and to take any discoloration, grainy texture, or strange smells very seriously.

Broken water lines can potentially pose many health risks, so you should never put you and your household at risk of drinking contaminated water!

Strange Pools Of Water In Your Yard

Another red flag associated with needing a water main replacement is when abnormal pools of water are developing in your yard. This is also often connected to random patches of lush grass in yards.

This is an indication that a serious leak is occurring either in your water line, or your sewer line.

Strange Sounds Throughout Your Plumbing System

If you’re hearing any strange sounds coming from your plumbing fixtures when they’re in use, then it could be that your water supply is malfunctioning. Although there are plenty of causes for strange plumbing sounds, water main issues are one of them.

And depending upon the extent of the sounds, you may need to get a new water line installed!

Skyrocketing Utility Bills

Damaged water lines will typically be associated with leaks of some kind, and these leaks will inevitably raise a property’s monthly utility bills. So, whenever you notice a strange increase in your utility bills that seemingly pop up out of nowhere, it could mean that you need to replace your water line altogether.

Pest Issues

When a water line gets damaged or cracked, it’ll open itself up to pest infestations. You might start seeing pests in and around your home when you have a damaged water line, and this red flag warning sign is always a cause for concern that requires an immediate call to your local plumbers.

Contact Beehive Plumbing When You Need A Water Main Replacement Lehi Utah!

Needing a water main replacement in Lehi Utah is very stressful, but you can be assured that everything will work out just fine when you partner up with a reputable plumbing company.

Beehive Plumbing is one of the best plumbing businesses in all of northern Utah, and they’ve supported countless homes and businesses in the Lehi community with all sorts of plumbing repairs. You can speak directly with their water main replacement specialists by going through the link at the top of the page!

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