Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses What the Top Essentials Are in Your Kitchen If You Live Alone


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, one of the biggest challenges of living alone is cooking food for yourself. Sure, you have the freedom to cook any type of food you want for yourself or don’t cook any food at all sometimes. However, your kitchen needs to have all the cleaning, housekeeping, and storage facilities if you want to make your life easier.

The Essentials

Here are the top essentials you need in your kitchen if you live alone:

  1. A manual food chopper – Cooking food becomes easier and takes less time when you have an extra set of hands that can help you chop, slice, or dice up vegetables, fruits, and other food items. Unfortunately, when you live alone, cutting and slicing food with your kitchen knife can become a hassle.

The best way to help with the slicing and dicing work in your kitchen is to invest in a manual food chopper. These products are suitable for chopping small batches of food ingredients and can be operated without electricity which doesn’t rack up the electricity bill. Thus, they are perfect for people who live alone.

  1. A refrigerator – A refrigerator is essential in any kitchen since it allows you to store all the leftover food, food ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, and other food products for later use. Not to mention, you cannot even enjoy a cold glass of water or cold drink during the summertime in your home if you don’t have a refrigerator. If you live alone and have a busy work schedule, you will probably order food online or eat frozen foods a lot too.
  1. A do-it-all instant pot – Nowadays, there are many modern kitchen gadgets available in the market that can make your life much easier. A do-it-all instant pot is one such kitchen gadget and can become your best friend if you live alone.

Ensure you choose an 8-quart version that is designed to serve as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, yogurt maker, sauté, and warmer. This should be a fabulous purchase that can effectively fulfill most of your cooking needs, especially if you live alone.

  1. A compact air fryer – A compact air fryer fits perfectly in small spaces and is ideal for heating up leftovers, baking cookies, and cooking frozen chicken nuggets with or without oil. It is easy to use and can replace an oven, especially if you are just cooking for yourself. In most cases, all you have to spare is 20 minutes to have crispy restaurant-grade fries.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you invest in basic crockery sets so that you can be prepared and avoid embarrassment when you have guests over at home. Since you are living alone, there is no necessity to invest in expensive breakfast and dinner sets. All you need is a 6-piece set that comes with quarter plates for servings, deep dishes with some bowls for serving soup and dessert, and dinner plates for meals.

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