Best Home Décor Trends for Spring


Spring season is here and it’s time to get busy. Get your gardening tools out, clear out the remaining snow from the driveway, get into some home improvement projects, and more. If you have old and broken furniture, you can also search for “furniture repair near me” and hire professionals to fix it. For now, let’s check out the best home decor trends for the spring season.

The Trends

  1. Self-spaces – Self-spaces would be one of the main home decor trends this season. It’s a space dedicated to you for self-care. The pandemic has had a lot of people change their workspaces and spend more time at home. This has made people build small self-spaces in their homes. It’s a space dedicated to your personal hobbies and general wellness.

People are prioritizing their health and well-being over anything else, and those self-spaces reflect that perfectly. The self-care revolution isn’t just limited to regular living spaces. It also reached the bathroom. More people are investing in spa-inspired bathrooms with minimal design, luxurious baths, low lighting, and high-end showers. A self-care bathroom focuses on neutral colors, clean lines, and natural materials and is designed solely to improve your mood.

  1. Open living spaces – This is not the first time open-plan living is trending. As the world transitioned from the 70s to the 80s, people started focusing on open living spaces with a connected living room, diner, and kitchen. It helped families spend more time together while everyone focused on their individual activities.

However, this time things are a bit different. This time the trend is inspired by rising property prices and shrinking floor plans. The goal is to maximize the available floor space. Open-plan spaces allow you to have more fluidity and motion in your home with more clear zones for relaxing, working, eating, and exercising. This makes your home easier for managing your family and also gives it a grand and airy feel.

There are fewer walls and that encourages socializing among family members. Families get to spend more quality time without compromising on their regular routine. Open-plan spaces are also great for hosting events since it allows you to keep all the guests in your line of sight and interact with them freely instead of having to move from one room to another.

  1. Dream garden – As the pandemic made people stay at home a lot of people spent their time gardening and reconnecting with nature. This has fueled the gardening trend even after things start normalizing. Apart from tending to plants and creating garden beds, people are keen on creating their dream garden to add more personality and color to their garden.

Even those who aren’t into gardening want to add a working studio or install a summer house to their garden. Those into gardening wouldn’t mind dedicating most of the space to veggie patches and greenhouses. While gardens have been just adding aesthetic value and utility throughout history, the trend is now shifting towards a cozier garden that’s an extension of your home.

People are adding fire pits, outdoor accessories, warm lighting, and soft upholstery to their garden. The design approach is quite similar to how they design their living spaces. Combine that with the lowering prices of portable yet capable all-in-one projectors and it all starts making more sense.

  1. Considered organization – This is a trend that has almost become a silent movement over the years and may finally take off this spring season. The considered organization is about organizing things and displaying them in a very intentional manner. Think of this trend as the aesthetics of the zen garden applied inside your home. That translates to more clean lines with the philosophy of “less is more” front and center.

If you look at Google searches at the end of 2021, you’ll notice the spike in “decluttering” queries. Spring brings along spring cleaning duties and that gives you the perfect opportunity to incorporate considered organization in your home decor. That means more floating shelves and better use of empty wall spaces. Coffee tables may become workstations and beds may follow suit. People are keen to declutter their homes and make more use of their furniture with better organization and multiple uses as their professional and personal life keep merging into each other.

  1. Barkitecture – This trend may seem like simple pet-proofing. However, it’s far from it. Barkitecture is about creating luxurious living spaces for your pets that blend perfectly with the rest of the design. It’s a way of showing appreciation and love for your pets as most people spend increasing amounts of time with their pets at home.

That means home decor is getting more functional and livable for everyone in the family, including the furry members. For instance, the demand for dog showers has risen along with the demand for multi-functional spaces. No more outdoor taps for cleaning those muddy paws and splashbacks.

  1. More curves – Phones and laptops and their user interfaces haven’t been the only things that have become rounded. There’s a curvy move in your living spaces as well. More people are incorporating rounded shapes in their living spaces where cocooning and comfort take maximum priority. That’s quite an understandable choice since curves are always in harmony with nature and invoke a natural outdoor feel inside the comfort of your home.

Curves don’t just look good on that quilted couch and raised bed. They also give a sense of security and warmth. They make you feel cozy, safe, and relaxed when incorporated into the interior design. Apart from couches and beds, you can also add curves with cabinets, kitchen islands, headboards, and more.


Spring is the season of green gardens, bountiful harvest, DIY projects, and more. It’s the season of change and you can take this opportunity to change your home decor and get in with the latest trends. If there’s furniture in your home that needs fixing for those home decor changes, you can always search for “furniture repair near me” and hire professionals for the job.

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